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Do you want to experience an unforgettable cooking vacation? You may consider spending two weeks somewhere in Europe, Asia or in South America and learn how to cook their special cuisines. There are many interesting countries that offer culinary lessons as a part of their vacation packages.

Aside from learning culinary lessons, a cooking vacation may also include learning the countrys culture, tradition, customs and enjoying the wonderful sights of the place. It can be an unforgettable life experience and the whole thing does not only offer you the knowledge in learning the arts of culinary but it also includes everything you will experience during your vacation.

There are culinary classes offered for people who prefer a cooking vacation in a particular country. Take for instance a cooking vacation to Italy; you will have the opportunity to learn preparing local meals and also gain knowledge on the history and tradition of their cuisine. The culinary lesson for vacationers may run three days to one week.

Culinary classes have a maximum of three to four students only. This is to ensure that each student is well attended. You can enjoy the convenience of choosing your preferred time for your cooking lessons. Classes may run from two to three hours and you may choose a morning or an evening class depending on your preferred time.

Here are some recommended countries that you may want to consider when planning for a cooking vacation.

1. Try to have a cooking vacation in Oaxaca, Mexico. This is the culinary center of Mexico. You will be fascinated on learning the indigenous cooking traditions that is blended with the Spanish way of cooking. Their cuisine is a combination of interesting flavors. Ingredients like chocolates and pepper are mixed to create a different kind of flavor.

2. Learn cuisines that are known to be prepared out of the sun and heart in Provence, France. The tradition of using old age recipes on their cuisines is still applied in Provence. They only use fresh meat and local spices on this sun drenched province in France. The sauces on their cuisines are not heavily drowned compared to other cities. The surprising flavor is far more amazing.

3. Thailand offers some of the most interesting yet tasteful cuisines in Asia. The food is influenced by their neighboring countries such as China, Malaysia and the Philippines. Thai cuisines are generally hot and spicy with a combination of sweet and sour flavors. The most famous dish in Thailand is known as Tom Yum Goong and Kheaw Waan.

4. Visit Tuscany, Italy for a great cooking vacation experience. The cuisine is fresh, tasty and yet very simple. Tuscany cuisines are fairly straightforward and are generally savory. Fresh herbs, sage, thyme, and rosemary are ingredients mostly used to create great authentic Italian cuisines.

If you want to savor more sights and attractions while learning different cuisines, you may have the option of taking a cruise. There are culinary cruises that are organized especially for those who are traveling in the Mediterranean. This could be a great experience while you are on a cruise and learning different cuisines.

By: Dave Poon

Dave Poon is an accomplished writer who specializes in the latest in Travel and Vacationing. For more information regarding Cooking Vacation please drop by at


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