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Italian Language Course Options General Italian Course:
Usually 20 lessons per week, 4 lessons each day
(morning or afternoon).

Intensive Italian Course:
Usually 30 lessons per week, 6 lessons each day
(morning & afternoon).

Individual Italian Course:
Tailor-made to your own personal needs and interests.

Combined Italian Course:
Usually group classes in the morning & private classes in the afternoon.

Other Italian Courses:
Language & activity holidays, mini group, business courses, exam preparation, young at heart (over 50s) and junior programmes.


Even during your everyday life you'll be able to follow the Italian news.

You'll even be able to interpret those Italian related websites that's only available in Italian language!

Combine this course with a trip to a fascinating town in Italy.

Make new friends - Enjoy the unique Italian Food and Wine!


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Italian Language Course


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Learn Italian And Its Origin

The Italian language has developed from its ancestor, Latin, during the 13th and 14th century. Italian shares about 85% of similarities to the Spanish and French languages. Also, each word is pronounced exactly as how it is spelled.

However, the Italian language has many sub categories and these are called the Italian dialects. Each town in Italy has different Italian languages but the good thing about it is that the Modern Italian language has spread to countries like Somalia. A misunderstanding often happens between an Italian speaking person (not a pure Italian) and an Italian native. This is because the Italian native may have been born in a different district in Italy and the language he could be using is not the standard Italian language but one of the Italian dialects from towns that lie on the outskirt of Italy.

There is still a chance to learn the standard Italian language easy and fast. By using very simple memorization technique, a person can master Italian words even if it just takes a 10 to 15 minute session each day. Below is an example.

The pink ballerina elephant leads the dance and closes the show and receives a whale of applause from the elephant audience.

This method is called Link-Word. This is a memorization technique used to enhance a personís memory. The idea is to link all the Italian word and its English meaning in one absurd story. Only that the Italian word is replaced by another English word that sounds much like the Italian term.

Italian = Balena English word used = ballerina English translation = whale

Whatís good about this technique is that it can be used by anyone, of any age. It is a brain exercise which is safe for anybody to try. And itís all natural too.

Try other means of learning the Italian language from:



Learn The Italian Language With Ease

Pasta, Ti Amo, Prego are three words from Italy. Italyís language is called Italian and learning this language is more like reading every English syllable of every word. The Italian language, similar to Spanish, is fairly easy to read, since each word is pronounced exactly as how it is spelled. Some Italian words are even used now by millions of people across the globe.

Interested to learn the Italian language? If you are, good for you then. Learning another language other than a personís mother tongue helps enhance a personís memory capabilities and thinking skills. Unfortunately, many people give up too early, the minute they go through Lesson One of their Italian book or Audio material. This shouldnít be the case since learning is not an easy and quick process. Surely you didnít graduate from high school without going through all the required subjects and passing grades right? Why is learning a foreign language any different?

Still, we canít ignore the fact that not everyone is willing to sit down and read Italian books. The good thing about this century is that millions of people can access whatever information they want by using the Internet. This is where the good stuff comes from too. If you are a busy person who canít spare time in going to universities to learn a foreign language or even immerse yourself in another country, search for foreign language learning programs from the internet.

Another thing, you need not to stick to old memorization techniques like repetition since your memory will most likely fail you with this type of method. What you can do instead is to carry around a picture dictionary while you read an Italian childrenís book. Why a childrenís book? Because you start from the basics and itís easier to learn the correct usage and order of words. Watching a movie with Italian subtitles can also enhance your listening skills in association to the words on the screen.

To easily remember Italian words versus the English interpretation, you simply can associate the words to a funny event or situation. Remember we mentioned a while ago that learning another language enriches your brain and it applies to this method. Letís try to imagine a lazy donkey. The donkey is too lazy to eat or take a bath but is never lazy to play card games even if it has to play at the last casino open in town. If you havenít guessed it yet, the word donkey from the English vocabulary and líasino in Italian are the example words used. Crazy, right? This example is just one easy and efficient way how to learn and memorize the Italian language and other international languages as well.

Check to learn more Italian words.



Simple Italian Memorization Method

Italian - the language of love and one of the most romantic languages known throughout the history. Wouldnít it be great if you understood each romantic word that you hear from your Italian neighbor? Donít think of expensive immersion to Italy. Think of other resources.

When weíre eager to learn something new, we tend to react impulsively with the first outcome of the lessons. We usually complain and whine about how hard the lesson is and how difficult for it to be remembered. The truth is, during the early stages of recognition, our minds work hyperactively. What else is that our memory stores the immediate information that interests us. So, the early stages of learning are important, once you know what information it is about, youíre sure in remembering it. On the other hand, when we fail to remember important information, itís our attention that failed us, not our memory.

A good way of remembering Italian words, especially when you think that itís extremely hard to learn such an interesting language is to give your full attention to it. Memorization requires your undivided attention. You may wonder why. Simply because after your mind absorbs what you need to know during the early stages of learning, that information never leaves your brain and it will stay there.

Letís take a look at an example. A little boy uses skirts as track prints as he walks down the mouth of a lagoon in search of marshmallow for food. As you picture the scene, try to remember the key words which is skirt from the English language and la gonna from the Italian vocabulary.

This method of memorization is called the Link-Word association technique. Of course you can still exercise your brain for memorization by listening to Italian words in movies but the learning process will really need an in-depth base for complete understanding. Try forming more scenes in your mind using other English and Italian words.

You can check this site for full Italian memorization coverage.



Self Learning Italian

Learning Italian at home, listening to audio lessons on the way to the office using the CD player in the car or reading a book all about Italian are different examples of how one person can learn another language without getting formal lessons from any teacher or language professor.

If you are an interested learner, disregard your age or status in life; if you want to learn something out of pure interest and curiosity, you will reap your own rewards in the end. Also, it doesnít matter if you have the most expensive language learning software or if you just read available online resources and old books from the library. The important thing is that you keep on learning no matter what it takes.

The Italian language has a different accent compared to the English language. The easy fact about the Italian language is the way each word is pronounced because it only follows the syllables and the way each word is spelled. What else can help your progress in learning? To apply what you learn and what you are learning in the process in the most natural way possible is the answer.

Donít expect to speak in perfect grammar. That is just too impossible. What you need to concentrate on instead is how much vocabulary you know about the language. You will for sure, commit mistakes and several attempts to talk to a native Italian speaker perfectly is going to be a failure, but thatís okay. You are a student and youíre meant to commit mistakes. No big deal.

The big event will come when you have been studying much about the Italian language and its culture. Exposing yourself to Italian movies, shows, music and history will be a great help to your fluency of the Italian language. Youíll learn the accent, youíll acquire the most natural conversation, and most importantly, youíll learn how it really feels to talk in fluent Italian. But until then, you will need to work hard on many aspects as well as not giving up.

Check to learn how to memorize Italian words.




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