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97 Pole Trekking Routes


If you like hiking, climbing, cross-country skiing, and other outdoor adventures, you may want to make a trip to either the North Pole rim or to Antarctica. While this type of vacation can be quite costly and is not a standard choice for most people planning a relaxing getaway, it has a lot to offer explorers and extremists. They come in a great variety of difficulties, though all such tours are rigorous and somewhat demanding. When deciding which pole trekking routes you intend to follow, you need to enlist some help from an expert or even hire a guide, as there are a lot of problems you may run into.

As you read through descriptions and reviews of pole trekking routes, you’ll find that there are conflicting opinions on the difficulty of most trails. For example, what one trekker may define as difficult may be considered moderate by someone more experienced. What criteria should be used to determine the level of difficulty of a trail? Based on reviews, there is no set standard, making it virtually impossible to determine if you are aptly prepared for such a harsh journey. However, by consulting an expert and asking about pole trekking routes, he or she can help you decide if you are in shape for such an excursion or what should be done to prepare you for it. The guide or consultant will listen to your wishes and needs in terms of pole trekking routes, then make recommendations for the right trails to follow or the right package to purchase.

When thinking about the various options for pole trekking routes, you should decide whether to visit the North or South Pole. Are you interested in the wildlife of one destination more than the other? Are you curious about the settlements in one of these locations? Would you like to view the scientific research and geological work going on in one of these particular areas? Would you prefer to stay on the trail at all times, or would you like to journey out during the day and stay at a lodging facility at night? All of these considerations come into play in choosing pole trekking routes.

While Antarctica boasts small civilized research facilities built against the weather, most pole trekking routes taking you across this terrain involve stays in the open elements. The North Pole is similar, but since it is only along the polar rim, you will hit more heavily populated areas where you will stay most nights. Other nights are spent in the open, which, while cold, often only involves cold air and is not in a snow or ice covered location.

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