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Italian Holidays - How to prepare your trip to Apulia   (Puglia).


These are some of our experiences...

The Internet isn't flooded with information on how to find the best spots to spend your vacation in Apulia.

Tip of where to go, what to see and where to find accommodations:

Not every area in Apulia will give you an exciting holiday. What matters most is what you are seeking during your vacation.

Apulia offers large scenic areas where you can enjoy tranquility 24 hours a day. On the other hand you will also experience cities with a vivacious nightlife.

A good starting point for exploring Apulia is the whole area of Gargano National Park.

In the northern part of Apulia you find Italy's spur. This is the homeland of Gargano National Park. The Adriatic coastline here consists of a combination of steep limestone cliffs and beautiful lagoons, ideally for sunbathing, swimming and relaxing.

Which localities are the best choices in the Gargano area?

Peschici and Vieste are two nice cities sited at the Adriatic sea. Here you find all the good ingrediences that's needed to make a memorable vacation.

Peschici thrones atop of a big limstone plateau. A short distance from the city you find gorgeous beaches offering all the service you need during the day.

One that we want to recommend is Lido Orchidea.
Here you'll be taken care of by Pepito and his staff which offers all the service you can need.
A spacious beach, beautful surroundings and a restaurant where delicious seafood are conjured up each day!

You'll also find a broad range of accomodations here in the form of B&B, hotels, villas, flats, agritourismo and camping areas.

Vieste offers much of the same as Peschici but are a bit bigger and offers beautiful beaches situated both north and south of the city. Situated at the south-east boundary of the Gargano region.
An ideal base if you want to explore the flat area at the south of Gargano.

Which kind of food is the specialty in the Gargano region?

In this region as of the whole coastline of Apulia the fresh seafood is served in delicious variants.
As this is an agricultural area you'll allways be served food at top quality and made in the local tradition that make each dinner an adventure!

What to do in the Gargano region?

There are lots of activities you can attend here.

As it almost always is a wind blowing from the sea this is a perfect region for windsurfing. The shores are easily accessible everywhere and most of it without dangerous rocks.

If you like to spend the day at the beach this is a perfect place for you!

The Foresta Umbra is an unbelievable comprehensive area!
The ideal place for meditation and relaxation.

It offers a unique wildlife and during the summer heat it's allways a relief to spend a day in the shadow of the massive forest.

Another adventure here are the 128 sea caves formed during the ice age. Tou'll find organized visits by boats to many of them and it's an unforgettable experience.

Another famous grotto here is the Grotto of Archangel Michael situated in Monte San Angelo, a small city you can visit in the mountains west of Gargano.

Another town, not far from Monte S. Angelo, is San Giovanni Rotondo is the hometown of the famous Padre Pio.
The cathedral raised in his memory is a very constructio absolutely worth seing.

A short distance south of Gargano you find Castel del Monte, built by king Frederick II. This is kind of a mysterious castle from 1240 which is a unique construction positioned in a scenic landscape. The castle is open for visitors and provided with good documentation at notice boards inside.

Another spectacular type of buildings are the Trulli in Albarobello.
A peculiar conical-roofed, circular stone building fairly warm in the winter and cool during the summer.
You can try it out by yourself by book in to some of them, well equipped or more simple, it's up to you.

Where is the pulsating nightlife found in Apulia?

If you like to mixe with the young people you should head for Lecce and Bari.

Because of the many students at the University of Lecce Nnghtlife is very vibrant in this city. Two popular places here are Piazetta del Duca d'Atena and Corto Maltese. The Villa della Monica is a trendy pub found in the city centre.

Bari also offers a number of trendy restaurants and nightclubs which have sprung-up lately.

Why spend your holidays in Apulia?

This region offers all the best experiences regarding Italy. Pleasantly friendly and relaxed people and a slow southern Italian addictive rhythm.

So for your next vacation, head for Apulia! We have spent 3 weeks there for two years in a row and we will defnitely come back! If you decide to go there you will experience another kind of Italy and surely return more relaxed than if you return from the more urban middle and north Italy.

To start your planning, please go to http://www.ItalyExposed.com
and use all the resources there to find places to stay, book events and rent a car etc.

Find out more about Italian Holidays at: http://www.ItalyExposed.com Ketil Sjavik who is the owner has several years of experience from travelling throughout Italy.


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